Harmers Wood Trust - Office holders

Company Secretary and Chairperson since 2005

Mrs Audrey Davies - retired teacher who has lived in Helsby since 1983. She was the original organiser of the campaign to purchase Harmers Wood and prevent it being exploited commercially. She has worked tirelessly to have the quarries safely fenced, polluting rubbish removed from the quarries and has ensured that this unique piece of woodland is protected for future generations.  Mrs Davies walks her border collies each day in the wood and leads the Trust management team.

Director since 2015

Mr Paul Marsden - born and bred in Cheshire and lives in Helsby. Mr Marsden is a former Member of Parliament who drafted the Trust's constitution, business plan and the safety plan in 2005/06 and has been an active member throughout the Trust's existence. Mr Marsden works as a business consultant to an energy company.

Management Committee since 2015

Mrs Barbara Evans

Mr Alexander Marsden

Mrs Hazel Guest

Mrs Pamela Magor

Mrs Pauline Stanforth


The Trust is currently seeking to have a number of former Trustees removed from the Charity Commission website so that new Trustees can be appointed. They have unfortunately been implicated in supporting attempted fraud of the Trust back in 2014/15. These individuals continue to try and cause problems for the Trust but they represent no one but themselves.

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