February 2017 -  Trees' application


The Trust has applied to the national Woodland Trust for 210 mixed saplings as part of their campaign this year to have hundreds of thousands of new trees planted across the UK. The types of saplings (inc. oak, rowan, silver birch and hazel) are in accordance with our long term management plan agreed with Mersey Forest who have provided advice to us for many years.


Harmers Wood needs to plant new trees after being hit by Storm Doris blowing over a dozen silver birch and oak. In addition, mature silver birch typically only last for 60-70 years and active tree management is needed to replace ageing birches and keep the wood healthy and vibrant. We should find out in the next few weeks on whether our application has been successful.

2017 News

March 2017 -  vandalism in the wood


After concerned members of the public reported damage to a number of trees in the wood, it has been found that individual(s) have been sawing down healthy, young silver birch trees on the north side of the wood. They have chopped down half a dozen trees and left one metre stumps. Upon inspection the root systems, trunk and branches had been healthy and there was no reason to cut the trees down.


Given former, disgraced Trustees had been sighted at the wood on 12th March with a chain saw and other tools, the two incidents may be connected. Evidence has been collected and a new system of monitoring the wood has been introduced. Whoever is responsible is a mindless vandal and has no understanding of woodland management.

Healthy silver birch (right) chopped down by mindless vandals.

May 2017 -  Great news - Trees' application to Woodland Trust approved!


The national Woodland Trust have approved Harmers Wood Trust's application for 210 tree saplings to help regenerate the wood. The mixture of trees include:-

Species: hawthorn, dogwood, wild cherry, silver birch, rowan, hazel, blackthorn, hazel, common oak 


The trees will arrive in November when the directors will organise volunteer days to get these trees planted. If you are interested in volunteering then please use our Contact Form and we will back right back in touch to confirm arrangements.


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