April 2012 - Bens Quarry

Haydn and his Team were hard at work again. This time removing fly tipping refuse from Bens Quarry. Access was difficult, due to the sheer drop into this dungeon like excavation. A crane winch, 2 JCB's, trailors and skips were required to remove the waste. Much to our suprise a tractor complete with its' trailor was recovered, along with various white domestic appliances, tyres, a water tank and plastic sillage wraps.

Now clear of this rubbish, it is hoped that wildlife will return unhindered once again to this natural habitat. The photographs below chart some of the work in progress.

2012 News

March 2012 - Haydns Quarry

The quarry that runs alongside Hill Road North was finally cleared. The quarry had suffered for many years from the effects of random 'Fly Tipping'. Ithell Brothers, a local company from Dunham on the Hill, completed the onerous task of symapthetically excavating the debris. Just some of the items retrieved included; 15 large tyres, no less that 40 gas bottles, 11 surf boards, 1 car engine, 1 car door, 5 metal plates and a collection of exhaust pipes! 

The quarry floor was covered with top soil and a scattering of perennial woodland seed mix sown. In order to allow time for the quarry to regenerate, the Trustees have closed the area to the General Public until Spring 2012.

Haydn Ithell, leader of the excavation workforce completed this difficult challange with humour, empathy and efficiency, that so impressed the Trustees that it was decided to name the quarry Haydns Quarry in recognition of his hard work.

November 2012 - Tree Planting

During a very wet November, members of the trust spent several weekends clearing an area of the wood of bracken. This is part of the ongoing management of the wood and on Saturday 1st December they planted 25 silver birch and 7 oak trees in the prepared area. These trees have been kindly donated by the landscape trust at Marbury.

Two local residents Mr and Mrs Curry also very kindly donated £100 recently and this will be put towards purchasing more trees

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